Sunday, December 15, 2019

Live a Life of Adventure

I love what Luci Swindoll said about how we are able to have a life of adventure whether we are seven or seventy! Life is what we make it; we are able to jump in and give it our all - as I wrote yesterday, we are able to give the ones in our lives our, "best part" and when we do, we are able to be sure our life will be an adventure!

Live your life - no matter how many days you have yet before you - fully, joyfully, completely and richly. Model this life of adventure to your grandchildren/children and when they notice - and they will - and they ask you about your joyful, full life, share with them where your joy and adventure comes from - walking with God.

Give the Best Gifts Ever - Give the Gift of Gentleness

Don't you just love this quote! It is so true and as we apply it to our grandchildren, we are reminded our grandchildren are gifts from the hand of God. He chose the grandchildren we have to be our grandchildren - and us to be their grandma (or poppa). Since God chose the grandchildren we have there is every reason for us to love them with our all - and to be grandmas who show great gentleness to them.

Prayer for Those Who Grieve During the Holidays

Heavenly Father,
We approach You on bended knees, our hearts heavy for those who grieve from loss. Whether it’s one less chair at the dining room table or a phone that doesn’t ring, the reminder of a loved one who has passed or is estranged from us is painful, especially during the holiday season.

We pray You comfort those who mourn. Hide them in the cleft of Your rock when their heartache becomes too great.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Give the Best Gifts Ever - Give Goodness - Your "Best Part"

How would you define, "goodness"? Perhaps as being good, doing what is right, or showing excellence? These are all ways defines it, along with . . . "The best part of anything."

I really love this last way of defining, "goodness" and want to encourage you to make it the way your grandchildren grow up being able to describe you, because you gave them your, "best part". Yes, we want to give and do what is good, right and excellent when it comes to our grandchildren and when we do, we are giving them the gift of "goodness".

The Gift of Value

This quote from Max Lucado is the absolute truth and it is essential for us to be certain, completely certain our grandchildren and children know this is not only what we firmly believe, but it is the truth about how God sees them as well. Far, far too many people today do not see value in themselves. So many others believe they only have value because of the things they know and/or can do. We must be focused and intentional about communicating the truth - the ones we love (and all people) have value because they exist, simply because they are; not because of anything they say and/or do.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Give the Best Gifts Ever - Model Kindness

Of course we all want the children we love to be kind, as children and when they are grown. While they are able to learn to be kind from others in their lives, if we as their grandmas (grandpas and parents, too) treat them with kindness throughout their lives, they will learn to treat others in the same way.

When we speak softly with love, we are showing what it sounds like to be kind. When we give an encouraging hug or pat on the back, we are showing what it feels like to be kind. When we share with them - and take them with us to share with others - we are showing them what it looks like to be kind. 

Called to Hand Down the Faith With God

While what I'm writing today is more focused upon those grandmas (and grandpas) who hand down the faith alone, God's promises to hear, listen, answer and never leave us are for all of us and are promises to which we are all able to hold tightly. 

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