Thursday, September 19, 2019

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith

I am so happy to announce the release and the Kindle copy giveaway of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith. In this book I look at how our physical DNA is a truly amazing and essential part of who we are, as it holds the "code" or instructions for the things which make us unique as well as for the things we share. It connects us with the generations who came before us; as well as with those who come behind. It is the core of who we are physically. 

Yes, our physical DNA tells our cells and bodies how to Develop, Live and Reproduce, but let's think for a moment about another type of "DNA". A Spiritual DNA. More specifically, our "Faith and Prayer DNA". What are a, "Faith and Prayer DNA" you ask? Well, just as our physical DNA provides the code for how our bodies develop, live and reproduce, our "Faith and Prayer DNA" gives us the code or instructions which help us learn to develop a strong walk of faith, live as people who believe and reproduce by handing down to our children and our children's children a strong and healthy walk of faith. 

The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith will introduce you to people from the Bible - including Hannah, David, Jeremiah, Elisha, Jesus, Job, Joseph, the Kings of Judah, the Prodigal Son's Father and our own Heavenly Father, people from time - such as George Muller, Billy Graham, Fanny & Eunice Crosby, Elisabeth Elliot, Joni, Corrie Ten Boom, Martin & Katherine Luther, Charles Spurgeon and Dwigh L. Moody and people from today - including my friends Teresa Holmgren who shared how God answered her prayers for a child and then for a grandchild, Brad Burkhead who shared what it is like when your grown children and grandchildren move to Africa to be missionaries, my friend Ragaee Daniel shared how God saved him from an Egyptian prison, and my friend Janae Dean shared the powerful account of how God gave life back to her son when he was dead; all these accounts show us what it looked like for them to develop this strong and healthy "Faith and Prayer DNA". It also looks at how you are able to hand down the faith to the children you love in a way which will positively impact the generations who come behind you.

Mark your calendars and please, please tell every grandparent and parent you know - October 7-11, 2019 you will be able to get the Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith - for FREE! Look what people are saying - 

Be a Wise Grandma Who Uses Words With Care

We grandmas know words matter and words have power. While research clearly shows this to be true, we know it is true from our own experience and from watching our children and grandchildren. This is why it is essential for us to be wise grandmas who use words on purpose - words which encourage, build up and praise the effort our grandchildren put into whatever they are doing.

The Happier They Will Be

While we know being happy is not the most important thing in the world, we do, of course, want our grandchildren to experience happiness. People around the world for generations have searched for happiness - many have been willing to pay anything they have to be happy. Some have found a happiness with family, friends, possessions, but this happiness is often fleeting. 

True and lasting happiness is found in God. As George Muller said, the more we know God, the closer we walk with Him, the deeper, fuller and more lasting will be the happiness we know as well. This is the truth.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Trust God to Draw the Ones We Love to Him

Fall is nearly upon us - at least the trees in my yard are starting to show their Fall colors. Fall is a time when we are able to see God's amazing creation in it's colorful glory . . . at least here where I live as the trees are ablaze with color! Isn't it comforting to know the God Who created everything loves our grandchildren (and adult children, too) - even more than do we and He wants them to love Him even more than you and I? 

This is why Jesus came to Earth - to show God's amazing love and to draw us to Him. There was no other reason - He loves us! He loves those we love! God loves us!

Consider making John 3:16 and 12:32 a simple prayer for those you love . . . 

Believe the Truth of God's Word

For the past couple years I've been working on a new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith. In this book I look at how we are able to develop, live and reproduce a healthy Spiritual DNA. If we are serious about developing and living a strong life of faith where we reproduce a healthy Spiritual DNA in the generations who come behind us, we must believe and hold tightly to the truth of God's Word. It is far too easy, and happens far too often, for us to believe things which are not true, as I wrote about a few days ago.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tell the "Whys" - God Makes Sense

I love the Okapi - it is one of the most unique animals God created. It looks from the backside like a strange Zebra, but is actually more closely related to the Giraffe. It does have a long neck and a prehensile tongue, like the Giraffe, but it is a totally unique creature all its own.

The Okapi is only found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; it lives deep in the rain forest and is so shy, we didn't even know for sure it was a real creature until 1901. Okapi do not live in herds, they are solitary creatures and are considered extremely tasty by their neighbors - the leopard and people from the DRC. 

So, how do we still have any Okapi in the world today? One big reason is they do something extremely unique - they communicate with infrasonic calls . . . leopards and people are not able to hear these beautiful animals communicate, so the mama Okapi are able to "talk" to their babies in safety.

So They Will Know

Three years ago I learned some interesting and wonderful things about my great-grandpa Badgerow. He was orphaned the day before his 11th birthday, raised by his sisters, finished the 8th grade and became a small business man - he owned and ran a grocery store/gas station. When the banks were seized by the state of Michigan and ended up taking half of depositor's money in the '30's, he could have lost heart and quit in despair, but he didn't. He extended credit to families and let them get food from his store when they didn't have the money to pay for the food. Years later when he died (at 96 years old) a man came to his funeral and said my great grandpa saved his family's lives by giving them food when they needed it. I am proud Charles Wesley Badgerow was my great-grandpa. He set an example of compassion, courage and generosity which I want to, and will, follow. 

(Another thing I did not know until three years ago, was how God saved my grandparents and great-grandpa from a tornado. I wrote about it at this link.)

Why am I sharing these accounts with you? Because I am 58 years old and did not know these things about my great-grandpa and grandparents until three years ago. They are powerful parts of my family's history, but I did not know them. My great-grandpa had a difficult, challenging life; he could have felt sorry for himself. He could have quit. He could have held tightly to what he did have and made the choice to not share with others. He could have decided since he had to work hard to have what he had, others could do the same or go hungry. He could have become very angry and bitter. But no. He had a tender heart. He treated others with compassion. He showed courage. He was truly generous. I remember him as a kind, gentle man. He left an example for me, my siblings, cousins and for me to share with my daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. 

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