Thursday, July 18, 2019

What is "Faithful"?

God is faithful. We know this. We tell our grandchildren God is faithful, but do they understand what this means? Do we? defines "faithful" as . . . 


Next week is going to be a busy one for us - Monday through Wednesday we are having our "Three Days of Fun". Each Summer my husband takes off three days from work and we spend those days with our grandsons having fun. The boys look forward each Summer to our, "days of fun" - they get to help decide what we will do each year. Top of their list this Summer is for them to make more tie-dye shirts. We will also spend some time with science projects and learning about what it means to know God is faithful - how He always does what He says He will do, so with the start of school just a few weeks away (and our oldest grandson is going to a new school this Fall where he may not know anyone - a big thing for him for sure), they are able to trust God to be with them and to care about what the new school year holds for them.

Traditions, like our "days of fun", are an important part of growing up for children. Like our Grandma with Heart, Cathy Jacobs, says; "Regular and unique customs provide a beautiful backdrop of stability which enhances their outlook and appreciation of life. Our consistency sends a message which says three very important things: You are loved, valued and special."

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Attitude - Hand Out Crayons!

In a month and a half, or so, many of our grandchildren will begin a new school year - whether it is for the first time in Kindergarten or another year in a familiar school, whether they enter High School or begin their studies in college or perhaps begin a year of school in a new town or school, their attitude truly does makes a huge difference. Take time to talk with them - in person, through email, over the phone or maybe through facetime - about how the way they see and respond to the things going on around them, the attitude they show, will impact the other students and their relationship with their teachers. Plus, most importantly, their attitude provides the opportunity for them to show others they love and follow Jesus.

God Sightings

In our day-in-day-out lives do we live in . . . or even tend to notice, the mystery and wonder of God? Or do we tend to be so busy with "life", we do not stop and notice what truly matters the most?

I love this quote from one of our Grandmas with Heart, Joani Schultz. She is correct. We need to, "Live in the mystery and wonder of God. Watch for - and talk about - God's reality, presence and action in our lives today." I love how Joanie, and her team at Group Publishing, calls this, "God Sightings".

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Release, Pray & Watch What God Does

Do you have a grandchild who is apprehensive about returning to school? Or a grandchild who is afraid of something? Or a grandchild who has a burden on their heart? Or would you like an idea for how you may involve your grandchildren in an activity which will help them remember how they are able to tell God about anything which is on their heart? If so, check out this simple, fun and memorable idea to help you hand down the faith.

I really like using activities with my grandsons like the one I'm about to share with you, because they remember the project AND the point which goes with it, so to me, it seems like a "no-brainer" to use science projects with them whenever possible!

You will need . . .

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

"Touch the Keys", "Show Your Joy & Shine"

We all have days in our lives where we experience blessings; days which bring us joy and days which we would happily re-live. Likewise; we all have days in our lives which are difficult, challenging and even unpleasant. Days we never want to re-live. Days which are not able to end fast enough. This is true for the ones we love as well.

As Barbara Johnson says; "Life is a refining process. Our response to it determines if we will be ground down or polished up. On a piano one person plays sonatas, while another just bangs away at 'Chopsticks'. The piano is not responsible: it is how you touch the keys which makes the difference. It is how you play what life gives you which determines your joy and shine!" Show your, "joy and shine" to your family. Make sure they hear, "sonatas" as you, "touch the keys" in your life and respond to the blessings as well as the challenges in your life.

A Resource to Equip, Empower & Encourage as You Hand Down the Faith

Some of you may be familiar with Cavin Harper; some may not. Cavin is the founder of the Christian Grandparenting Network. He was talking about being an intentional Christian grandparent, long before it became "popular" to do so. If you have never checked out the website for the Christian Grandparenting Network, please do - you will find it at this link.

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