Sunday, June 24, 2018

Just Wait Until Tomorrow

Don't you just love the truth of this quote! Today, tomorrow and forever, our love for our grandchildren just grows and grows!

Take time today to thank God for the gift of your grandchildren and remind them how very much you love them.

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God cares!

This Summer as you enjoy the outside - especially when you do so with your grandchildren - remember this verse, share it with your grandchildren and take it to heart. No matter what you are facing in life, God cares!

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Free Card for You to Connect with Your Grandchildren

A couple months ago we posted a link where you would be able to download a free card you could use for mailing - snail mail - notes to your grandchildren. (You will find it at this link). Today we are happy to provide another free card for you to download - you will find it at this link

Using the "old fashioned" snail-mail from time to time is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your grandchildren - whether they live near or far - as children of all ages love to get real mail for them. Sending a card and writing a personal note to encourage them in their walk with God is a powerful way to hand down the faith, so feel free to use these cards with the children you love!

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Prayer for Our Grandchildren to be Fruitful

Dearest Lord Jesus,
You are the true vine. Our grandchildren, like us, are the branches. Let them always remain in You and You in them; for apart from You, they can do nothing. Let them bear abundant fruit, and may the fruit they bear be offered to the glory of God (Paraphrased from John 15:5-8).

We pray in Your Name,
(Submitted by Sherry Schumann)

Friday, June 22, 2018

You Matter, Have Value & Purpose

Someone I love is going through difficult times; she is feeling unloved, unwanted and without value. She of course is loved, wanted and has immeasurable value, but when you experience difficult times, it is often hard for you to see these things. 

She is a grandma, and the only one in her immediate family who is doing anything to hand down faith, so when she told me yesterday how she does not see any value or purpose to her life, I told her she has tremendous value to her grandchildren, because if she does not tell them about Jesus, who will? 

Model It

I do not really have a lot to say about this quote; it pretty much says it all on its own. I will say, the best way to have our grandchildren be kind, patient, loving, gentle and compassionate people is by modeling it to them by being these things to them as well. Take time to do this today whether in person or through tech.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

It is Selfie Day & Share Your Faith History

Today is Selfie Day and since my three wonderful grandsons are at my house, I did what I rarely do, just for the fun of it . . . I took a selfie with them!

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