Wednesday, April 11, 2018

God's Great Promise & A Prayer

When we first became parents, if we were people who knew, loved and followed God, we certainly wanted this for our children as well. As they grew up, we did what we knew to do to point them to Jesus and rejoiced as they put their trust in Him. When they married, we experienced the joy of watching them start to build their home on the firm foundation of God and His Word.

And then the day came when we learned we were to become grandparents! Talk about joy!!! This joy was only topped by watching our grown children begin to point their children to God. As we watch them parent our grandchildren we rejoice to see them  continue to build upon the firm foundation of God and His Word as they hand down faith to the children we all love so dearly.

Yes, there is incredible joy in watching our grown children hand down the faith to our grandchildren!

But, maybe this "story" is not your own. Maybe your grown children do not know, love and follow God. Maybe they once did, but no longer walk with Him. Or maybe your grown children are walking closely with God, but your grandchildren are not. This "incredible joy" is not what you experience. In its place you know sadness, deep sadness.

However; God's Word is true! God loves our grown children and grandchildren more than we do! He wants them to know, love and follow Him more than we do! If the second "story" is your story, take heart! God has promised to draw the ones you love back to Him! Look at these verses from Ezekiel 36 and the promises from God . . . 

  • He promises to give them a new heart and to put a new spirit in them!
  • He promises to remove their heart of stone and replace it with a heart soft towards Him!
  • He promises to send His Spirit to help them follow Him!
  • He promises they will be His people!
  • He promises He will be their God!
Hold fast to these promises if your grown children and/or grandchildren are not walking with God. Make this your prayer . . . and if your grown children and grandchildren are walking with God, make it your prayer anyway, because it only takes one poor choice, one hurt, one difficult situation in life to push them away from God.
Dear God, thank You for Your great love for me, for my grown children and for my grandchildren and for sending Your Spirit to help us follow You. Please draw us all close to You and give us new hearts which are tender and quick to follow You. (Please draw my grown children and/or grandchildren back to You and make them Your people once again.) Thank You for being our God, Amen.
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