Thursday, April 12, 2018

Grandparent on Purpose - It Matters

As grandparents we know something important which parents do not know. We know children grow up so very fast. At the time when we were "knee-deep" in potty-training, getting children to school and the day-in-day-out busyness of life with children, it did not seem like they were growing up so very fast. In fact, there were times we may have wondered if they were ever going to grow up.

But, looking back we know how vary fast they actually grew up. We are now able to see those years flew by. And, added to this we know there are likely more days behind us than there are in front of us - we are not getting any younger. Our grandchildren are growing up and we are getting older, so it truly matters for us to make the most of the time we have with our grandchildren. We need to grandparent on purpose.

As the weekend is upon us, let's make time to connect with our grandchildren on purpose - no matter their age or location. Clearly, if they live near it is easier to do this, but even if they live far with facetime, email and even just a phone we are able to connect. Consider the following ideas . . . 

If your grandchildren live near -

  • Pick them up and go on a walk for signs of Spring. My grandsons live near and last night my six-year old grandson brought me the first dandelion he found. (He knows I love them!) Go on a walk and look for dandelions - they are the best flower ever, because not only are they one of the first flowers from which bees are able to get nectar/pollen, children are able to pick them to their heart's content and no one gets upset! Or, depending on where you live, look for other signs of Spring. Take a camera - especially if it is one your grandchildren are able to use - and take photos of the different signs of Spring you are able to find - be sure to spend time thanking God for Spring.
  • Go out for a piece of fruit - visit a fruit stand or store and look for something your grandchildren especially like and something new, maybe even exotic and try the new fruit - take photos! Be sure to talk about how fruit is a gift from God and take time to be thankful.
  • Draw or paint pictures and take to an elderly neighbor to brighten their day.
  • If your grandchildren are older, go out for a cup of coffee and talk about how the school year has gone for them and what they are most looking forward to for the Summer. Pray together about God's plans for their future.
If your grandchildren live far -
  • Go on a walk and look for signs of Spring - take lots of photos then email them to your grandchildren with an invite for them to do the same. Call a few days later and compare notes - or photos! Talk about the things you each found and thank God for Spring.
  • Send them a few dollars and ask their parent to take them to try a new fruit. Do the same and again, take photos then a few days later connect and compare notes. Ask them what they liked - or did not like - about the new fruit they tried and thank God for giving you the gift of food - fruit, in particular.
  • Call and talk about what they might do to brighten the day of an elderly neighbor - encourage them to take the time to do at least one of the things you talk about.
  • Buy a small container of your favorite coffee if your grandchildren are older, and send it to them. Invite them to make a cup of coffee - you do the same, then call and connect with facetime or on the phone and talk as you both enjoy the coffee together - be sure to make time to pray together, too.
These are just a few ideas to connect with your grandchildren no matter their age or location. Whether you try these, or some of your own ideas, do something. Connect on purpose, because we know these things are the big thing and they do matter!
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