Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Help Our Grandchildren Be Thankful & Show Appreciation

There are many important messages for us to help our grandchildren learn; one such important message is for them to be people who appreciate others and are quick to show it. We certainly want our grandchildren to have thankful hearts and there are two ways for us to help them with this.

First, model a thankful heart and an attitude of appreciation. Let them see and hear you being thankful for the big and little things which come along in your day. Be sure they hear how you take time each day to express your thankfulness to God. Let them experience your appreciation and hear you tell them. "thank you" when they do something kind, helpful and loving. Let them see how you are quick to show your appreciation to others and hear how you express your thankfulness throughout each day. Model a thankful heart and attitude of appreciation.

Then plan opportunities for your grandchildren to show their appreciation and express their thankfulness to God and others.  At my (Lynda) house before we eat we go around the table and each person shares something for which they are thankful. Then we go back around and each person expresses their thankfulness to God. This is a very easy way for my grandsons to learn being thankful to God.

Over the past school year I have had my grandsons take time to thank the volunteers in the Children's Ministry at my church. We go to a large church, so there are quite a few volunteers! Last Fall we baked 160 cookies for the Sunday Children's Ministry volunteers and put them in the volunteer's lounge at church. A few weeks later I had the boys tape a thank you message to 200 candies to thank the Sunday and Wednesday Children's Ministry volunteers.  At Christmas I had them make snowman ornaments for each of the Children's Ministry volunteers.  Last month the boys put together bags for each of the Children's Ministry staff to thank them for all their work. I want my grandsons to be thankful to those who volunteer their time to help and teach them and I want them to learn to show their appreciation, so I plan ways for them to do exactly this! We will do this again over the Summer and in the Fall.

Since my grandsons live near me, it is easy for me to plan opportunities for them to be thankful and show it. If they lived far, I think it is something we could talk about and then I could send them a box with items in it which they could put together to give to their volunteers, teachers, neighbors, etc.

Being thankful and showing appreciation to the Children's Ministry volunteers is just one way to involve my grandsons in being thankful and showing appreciation - there are so many ways to do this! How have you done this with your grandchildren? 

Take time to help your grandchildren learn to be thankful people - whether they live near or far!  #grandmas #handingdownthefaith #itmatterswhatwedo #grandparentingonpurpose

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