Thursday, April 26, 2018

Keep Your Opinions Elevated

It is true children will rise to the level of our opinion of them - this is true if we are grandparents and if we are parents. The way we see them is how they will see themselves. If we are critical and negative, they will see themselves in this way.
If however; we are positive, encouraging and challenge them with how we know they are able to be kind and make wise choices, they will see themselves as able and will act accordingly. Please allow me (Lynda) to share an example of this.

My grandchildren consistently hear from their poppa, their parents and I how they are able to make wise choices. We encourage them to be kind and say we know they are able to show love and generosity to others. Last night we had the wonderful blessing of seeing our grandsons live up to this vision of themselves.

The boys go to their poppa's and my church on Wednesday nights. Last night was the final night of the children's mid-week club for this school year. Throughout the year the boys have talked with us about what they were learning from the fourth chapter of James, worked on memorizing the same chapter and focused upon living their faith each week. They received  points for each of these things and last night was the opportunity to redeem their points.

My oldest grandson (nine years old) had a lot of points, but two weeks ago he gave some of his points to a friend who did not have many points. My middle grandson (six years old) had a LOT of points. On the way to church the boys were talking about how they both had enough points to go to the pizza party and were pretty happy about it. My youngest grandson (four years old) was sad, because his age did not earn points, so he was not going to be able to go to the pizza party.

When I picked my middle grandson up after the evening ended, the first thing he told me was; "Grandma! I used some of my points to buy a ticket for Shane! He is going to be able to go to the pizza party with us!!!" He was SO happy and excited about telling his little brother the good news!

When he saw him and gave him the good news my youngest grandson was SO excited! He hugged his ticket and smiled all the way home.

My middle grandson told me he wanted to use his points to get the ticket for his little brother because he didn't want him to be sad. Bot of my older grandsons made the choice to show kindness and generosity - love - to others and I'm so very happy with them both! Sharing with a friend who didn't have as many points and using points to buy a ticket for his little brother - this is what living up to the level of our opinion of them looks like.

So, YES, it makes a difference! Choose your words wisely and give your grandchildren a positive, high view of them - they will live up to it!   #grandmas #handingdownthefaith #itmatterswhatwedo #grandparentingonpurpose

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