Monday, April 16, 2018

Speak the Truth

The world in which we live is filled with blessings from God all around us - our families, friends, the beautiful Earth on which we live, the gifts of a bountiful harvest and clear, clean water - this list could, and does, go on and on. God is real and His great love for us is obvious everywhere we look. This is the truth.

But, this world also is filled with those things which have the potential to sidetrack and derail our faith, and the faith of those we love. All it takes is a quick look at the culture in which we live to see this is true. It is all too easy to become caught up in things which push us away from God. There are many in this world who say there is no God and we are far too easily deceived into believing difficult times in our lives means God does not love us.

It matters for us to be people who are solidly grounded in truth. It matters for us to be people who walk closely with God. It matters for us to be people who pray. It matters for us to be people who consistently and clearly share the truth with those we love. It matters for us to hand down the faith.

We need to be grandmas (and grandpas/parents) who speak the truth. We need to be grandmas (and grandpas/parents) who help our grandchildren see, understand and hold to the truth, so they are not sidetracked, derailed or deceived.

While the day will come when we live in a perfect world, this day is not here yet. Be a grandma who "grandmas" on purpose (the same goes for grandpas and parents, too!). Speak the Truth. Hand down the faith. It matters.  #grandmas #handingdownthefaith #itmatterswhatwedo #grandparentingonpurpose 

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