Sunday, May 27, 2018

Love is . . . Kind defines "kind" as; "considerate, helpful, gentle and affectionate". God says Love is kind, so when we help our grandchildren learn to be people who are considerate, helpful, gentle and affectionate, we are helping them learn to show love to others.

This may seem pretty obvious, but it really just takes a quick glance at the evening news or a look at the news on-line - and comments - to see for ourselves there is a lack of kindness all around us. People do not behave in ways which are considerate, helpful gentle and affectionate. Sadly, quite the opposite.

But we are able to help our grandchildren learn to be people who are kind. People who love others and show it by being kind. You are able to do this by the simple thing of focusing upon showing kindness to your grandchildren and to others - when we model kindness it is easier for our grandchildren to understand how to be kind as well. Also be sure to notice when they are kind. Compliment them when they are kind - especially when they are kind and others around them are not.

Make a point of talking about appropriate news of the day where people did and did not show kindness. Ask your grandchildren what the people in the news might have done differently to show kindness and love, if they did not. Talk about the experiences of your grandchildren with others who are kind to them . . . and those who are not. Help them learn to be people who pray for others - those who are kind and those who are not.

Love is kind . . . and so are we.

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