Thursday, May 31, 2018

Love Rejoices in What is Right & True

When it comes to the truth it is essential for us to both model being people who tell the truth and who require our grandchildren to speak the truth. If a person starts being untruthful, they will not be able to be trusted and lying easily becomes a habit which is difficult to break. Of course we want our grandchildren to be trustworthy and people who speak the truth - always.

Hold to a "zero-tolerance" for lying. Require your grandchildren to always tell the truth, because it is the right thing to do and so you are able to trust them. All of this may seem very obvious, but I know grandparents who laughed about and dismissed their grandchild's lying as just "telling stories". Lying is not just "telling stories"; it is lying. If we truly love our grandchildren we will require them to tell the truth - and we will tell them the truth as well; always.

Love rejoices in what is right and true . . . and so do we.

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