Thursday, May 10, 2018

Make This a Summer to Make Memories & Build Your Relationship with Your Grandchildren

The Summer is the perfect time to do something very important  . . . spend time with your grandchildren. Some of my best memories from childhood center around Summer days fishing or playing games with my grandparents. I (Lynda) want my grandsons to be able to look back fondly on the times they spent at their Poppa and Grandma's house - especially in the Summer where they caught tadpoles and fireflies, held bunnies and snakes, camped in our yard and watched the stars with their dad and mom and just hung out and played games with us as well.

Time spent together is the best way to make memories and build a strong relationship. These things matter for the obvious reason - memories and a strong relationship are wonderful things - and because they give you the ability to speak truth into the lives of your grandchildren and have them listen to you. There are so many things you are able to do with your time - especially in the Summer, but none matter more than being able to hand down the faith to your grandchildren and when you spend time with them, you have the opportunity to hand down faith.

So, this Summer plan times where you will hand down the faith on purpose - pray together, read the Bible together, go to church together, talk about living a life of faith, etc. and plan times to just have fun - play games, explore in a local woods, visit a park, go out for coffee with older grandchildren, build something together, watch stars, catch fireflies, visit the zoo, the list goes on and on, but find things you are able to do with your grandchildren just for the fun and to build memories. Who knows . . . maybe opportunities will come along as you are having fun to hand down the faith - it is likely they will!

And if your grandchildren live far, try to plan time - at least a weekend - to visit. If they live too far away for a visit, plan time where you are able to connect through facetime and play a game together, talk, laugh and do what you are able to do to build those memories and relationship and pray, talk about God, read a book and hand down the faith as well.

So, make this Summer a time where you make memories, build your relationship, have fun together and hand down the faith - on purpose!

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