Friday, May 18, 2018

The Five Most Important Things on My Grandparent's "To-Do List" - #1 - Point My Grandchildren to Jesus

For the past four days I have been sharing with you The Most Important things on My Grandparent's To-Do List; today let's look at the #1 most important thing for me to do as a grandma . . . 

#1 - Point My Grandchildren to Jesus

No matter how much I do anything as a grandma, if I do not point my grandchildren to Jesus, nothing else will matter in the end. Yes, I absolutely believe the things on my "Top-Five Grandparent's to-Do List" are all important, but this is the most important. Nothing is more important than for me to help them know how very much God loves them and the truth about how they are able to love God back. My grandsons' walk with God is important. It matters, so when I am able to say and/or do something to help them learn to walk with God, since they all have made the choice to put their trust in Him, why wouldn't I do those things?

I certainly will share my faith with my grandchildren, but there has to come a point when it becomes their faith - a point where they choose to love and walk with God. This happens when they understand how very much God loves them and is why helping them understand and embrace this is the most important thing on my To-Do List.

There are many more things on my Grandma's To-Do List, but these five are definitely the most important things I can do to intentionally impact my grandsons for eternity. What is on your list?

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