Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Connect the Generations

Sitting on my counter this morning is a jar of fresh, homemade strawberry jam made by my mom. She sent it home last night and tomorrow when my grandsons are here, they are going to enjoy some of their great-grandma's jam . . . which is their favorite jam!

My family is very blessed in how we have four generations living nearby - very nearby as my parents live across the street from me and my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons live 20 minutes away. My grandsons not only know their grandparents, they know their great-grandparents as well. When I tell them our family history, they are able to picture some of the people in the accounts.

Whether your family lives near or far, are living or not, be sure to share your family history with your grandchildren and how God has worked in your family as well, as your "Faith History" is extremely important.

A recent animated movie was a story about what happened when the characters forgot their ancestors. While, of course, it was just a pretend story, we do not want our grandchildren to forget those who came before them. Tell them the stories - and most importantly the faith accounts, so they are able to see God's hand through their generations. 

Keep in mind, even if your family may not have a long Faith and/or Prayer History which you are able to share, God's hand is still able to be traced if you look for it. Look for it and share the history of how He has been at work in your lives. When your grandchildren hear these accounts, they will be able to see, remember and understand how God was faithful yesterday, He is faithful today and they will be able to believe He will be faithful tomorrow. 

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