Friday, June 29, 2018

Hand Down the Faith & A Blessing

Whether our grandchildren live near or far and whether they are old or young - or a mix of ages, we need to hand down the faith on purpose. While this may seem like a daunting task, one which we may not feel fully equipped to do well, it is not difficult. Handing down the faith involves the following . . .
  1. Pray consistently and faithfully for and with your grandchildren.
  2. Read God's Word to and with your grandchildren.
  3. As you are able, go to church with your grandchildren.
  4. Share your "Faith History" and "Prayer History" with your grandchildren - be excited about how God has shown Himself to be faithful yesterday, the ways He shows Himself to be faithful today and why you know He will be faithful tomorrow.
  5. Choose Scripture which you purposefully focus upon with your grandchildren. Make a personalized Scripture prayer from those verses and then pray them as a blessing when your grandchildren go to sleep, at meals and when they leave your home. If they live far, pray the blessing before saying "good-by" when you call or facetime and for all of them, write out the blessing and mail it to them, so they have a copy.
The blessing on the meme for this post is based on Galatians 5:22, Mark 12:29-31, Nehemiah 8:10b and Isaiah 26:3 and it is the blessing my grandsons and I are using this Summer. We are focusing upon God's love, joy and peace; experiencing it, so we grow closer to Him in our own walk and showing love, joy and peace to others. We pray it at meals and bedtime and talk about it throughout our day - in particular if the boys have done something which shows love, joy and peace to others . . . or, if they do not.

Handing down the faith is not difficult, it can be simple, but will always be the most important thing we will do.

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