Thursday, June 14, 2018

Help Your Grandchildren Look for God's Love

God's love for our grandchildren is absolute, but He not only loves them, He lavishes His love upon them in big and small ways every day! Take time this summer to help your grandchildren see the many ways God does this. Help them learn to look for God's love, in big and small ways . . .
  • When they enjoy a beautiful day
  • Time spent with a dear friend
  • Answered prayer
  • Time spent with family
  • Moments when they experience God's grace and forgiveness
These are just five examples of some of the ways God lavishes His love on our grandchildren. Help your grandchildren learn to look for the many ways He does this - and be sure to take time to lavish your own love upon your grandchildren as well. 

Follow God's example and love them - you will not "spoil" your grandchildren by loving them. No! You will help them experience God's love through the way you love them - yes, you are another one of the ways God lavishes His love upon your grandchildren!

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