Thursday, June 21, 2018

It is Selfie Day & Share Your Faith History

Today is Selfie Day and since my three wonderful grandsons are at my house, I did what I rarely do, just for the fun of it . . . I took a selfie with them!

Photos are very common to us today - so common people even take photos of the food they eat! It did not used to be this way. Photos of the family were a big deal - and often a one-time happening. These old photos were then handed down as cherished family treasures - a photo record of our ancestors. My family has such photos - the one here is of my great-great grandpa and grandma Cooper with my great-grandma (Badgerow) when she was a child.

This photo on the left is of my great-grandpa and grandma Badgerow (yes, when she grew up and married my great-grandpa) and my grandma (Fullmer) and the photo on the right is of my grandpa and grandma Fullmer. 

Photos are  wonderful tools to help us hand down our family's "Faith History" - I have shared with my grandsons how their great-great grandpa and grandma Fullmer almost died in a tornado, but prayed and God saved them!

So, take photos, share old photos, but most importantly, share your family's "Faith History" with your grandchildren.

Do you take selfies often? Feel free to share a selfie of you . . . and your grands if you like . . . in the comments below.

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