Thursday, June 14, 2018


Five years ago when my oldest grandson was four, we were talking and I forgot something. He said; "That's okay, grandma. When you get old you get holes in your brain. This is why you forget things; because you are old." Little rascal!

At any rate, as we get older we do forget things from time to time whether it is from being older or just because we may be too busy and forget some things. We all forget things from time to time and we all need to focus upon remembering what truly matters.

God knows people need help remembering things sometimes. In Numbers 15 and Deuteronomy 22 He told His people to put tassels on their cloaks. He did not tell them to do this to make a fashion statement; He did it to give them a tool to help them remember - God said when they saw the tassels they would remember His commands and to Whom they belonged. The tassels were a reminder.

I am in favor of reminders. My life gets busy and I forget things once in awhile; so I believe it is a good idea to have reminders for things which are important. This is one of the reasons I wear a necklace with photos of my grandsons, have a charm on my purse with their photo on it, have their photos on my mouse-pad and even on my cookie jar. Whenever I see their photos I am reminded to pray for them. Now, I pray for my grandsons every day, but throughout the day I also pray for them as they come to mind - or whenever I see their photos . . . which around me may be fairly often!

Reminders are excellent things - whether you remember really well, or have holes in your brain! God uses reminders - tassels and even all of creation - to reminds us of how He loves us; it is a great idea for us to use reminders as well to help us remember what matters.

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