Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Two Most Important Things

There are many things we want our grandchildren to learn in their lives - to love God, follow Him, make wise choices, live as God wants, pray, read their Bibles, trust God, well . . . the list certain may go on from here! But, if we focus on the two things Jesus said were the most important, we will find all the other things are "covered" as well.

When our grandchildren love God with their all, they will make wise choices, follow God, live in a way which honors Him, pray, read their Bibles, etc. There is a good reason Jesus said the most important thing for people to do was for them to love God with their all.

And, when our grandchildren love others with their all, they will treat people the right way, get along with their siblings, show respect to others, etc. Yes, Jesus absolutely knew what He was saying when He told us the second most important thing for us to do was for us to love others as well.

So, as you focus upon handing down the faith to your grandchildren, help them learn to love God and others with their all; when they do these two things, everything else will fall in place

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