Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Those "Twists & Turns" in Life Are Really a "Straight Line"

I love this quote - it is so true. It is like the old saying about hind sight being 20/20. Looking back we are able to see God's "fingerprints" all over our lives when at the time we did not see what He was doing.

I am able to see the straight path behind me which brought me to where I am now - at the time it had plenty of twists and turns for sure! It would take much longer than I want to write here, but the "nutshell" version is because my grandparents bought a house on a lake for them to enjoy in retirement on weekends and the summer when I was just a little child, I ended up working for Gospel Light Publishing, Group Publishing, Kregel Bookstores, Zondervan and Big Idea - at the time all of these things just looked like twists and turns in the "road" of life. These things and MS put me in a place where I met Linda Ransom Jacobs and she recommended me to Larry Fowler when he began the Legacy Coalition. I know - starting with my grandma, involving MS and bringing me to where I am now with Grandmas with Heart! A lot of "twists and turns", but looking back it is a very straight line which shows how God was working in my life from the time I was a little child to bring me to where I am now.

Look at your life. How has God worked in your life? Maybe there were things with you - as there were with me - which at the time did not seem to be God working in your life, but looking back you are able to see a "straight line" for you as well. Pay attention. Look back. Remember and tell your grandchildren your "Faith History" and how God worked in your life to bring you where you are. God does not do things by mistake and He does not waste opportunities. Help your grandchildren learn to watch for their own, "Faith History" and how to identify the ways God works and leads in their lives. It may look like "twists and turns" at the time, but looking back it will be a clear "straight line" and make complete sense!

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