Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Unconditional, Constant Love

Today at my house is a day with three boys. They are active and sweet, but since they are still young - four, six and nine - there are times when their voices rise and they do not show love to each other. I know, shocking.

Well, not so shocking. While my grandsons are dearly loved by me, I know they are not perfect and they do not always make wise choices. But, I love them whether they are being wise and kind to one another, or not so wise and not so kind. They are my grandsons and I love them. Period.

God loves us no matter what, so when we show this unconditional and constant love for our grandsons, it makes it easier for them to understand the unconditional and constant love which God has for them.

Just a reminder - whether you are spending today with your grandchildren or not. If you are, be sure to tell them you love them all the time. If you are not, call them, email or facetime to share this important - and essential - message with them. It matters.

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