Friday, June 22, 2018

You Matter, Have Value & Purpose

Someone I love is going through difficult times; she is feeling unloved, unwanted and without value. She of course is loved, wanted and has immeasurable value, but when you experience difficult times, it is often hard for you to see these things. 

She is a grandma, and the only one in her immediate family who is doing anything to hand down faith, so when she told me yesterday how she does not see any value or purpose to her life, I told her she has tremendous value to her grandchildren, because if she does not tell them about Jesus, who will? 

If you feel as this person I love is feeling, consider trying the simple thing I told her to try with her grandchildren to engage your own grandchildren and hand down the faith as well. At mealtime have them each take a turn to tell something for which they are thankful, then after all have had a turn, say "Amen". The person I love has been trying this and said her grandchildren love telling the things for which they are thankful!

Sometimes the easiest things are the best place to begin - not only are these particular grandchildren able to start thinking about being thankful and talking with God and not only does this give a great place to build from in talking about and teaching about God, but it gives the person I love a clear picture of how she is making a difference. She is able to see she does have value. She is able to see she does have a purpose.

Please know and believe you matter, you have incredible value and you have an important and essential purpose.

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