Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Love, Loyalty & Faithfulness

What does "love", "loyalty" and "faithfulness" look like? Well, nearly two years ago my daughter rescued a basset hound. This little hound was eight years old and had lived those eight years in a small kennel being bred for her puppies. She never even knew her own name. 

I would not have been surprised if this hound never had been able to connect with my daughter, but the connection was instantaneous!  My daughter named her Rosie and she learned her name in a couple days and follows my daughter pretty much everywhere she goes. When my daughter goes to work or anywhere this little hound actually "mopes" until she returns - then the rejoicing is significant!

When I think of an example of "love", "loyalty" and "faithfulness" I think of Rosie. She knows she was saved by my daughter, so she loves her, wants to be with her, follows her and is sad when they are apart.

What a "picture" for us. Think about it. Jesus saved us. We should love and follow Him with our all. And, we should show this love to others by being loyal and faithful to them, too. Love, loyalty and faithfulness - this is what we need to show to God, so when our grandchildren think about these three words, they picture the example we set for loving and following God,

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