Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pray and Let God Worry

Last year as I (Lynda) worked on my new book, I did some research on Martin and Katherine Luther. I found a quote which really stood out for me - Martin said; "Pray and let God worry."

A few hours later I had to move beyond thinking, "What a wonderful quote", to do it - pray and make the choice to not fear and worry, but to give the fear and worry to God. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law live in Northern California (the true North, just two hours from Oregon at the top of the valley along the Eastern side of the Trinity Alps). It is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth - clearly shows God's handiwork - and it was on fire.

As my husband and I were getting ready to have supper, I saw where our brother-in-law posted to facebook how he was not able to get home due to a fire and my husband's sister was home alone. At the time the fire grew to 350 acres with 0% contained and was just three feet from their backyard, so my sister-in-law had to evacuate with her neighbors. Because they live in a remote, mountainous area, the only way out meant an hours-long through rugged, remote mountains. 

I was truly afraid for my sister-in-law and then I remembered this quote I read earlier - "Pray and let God worry." I was challenged to do this - pray and trust God to answer. The worry and fear went away. The next morning we heard my sister-in-law was safe with her husband and son's family, everyone was able to evacuate safely, no firefighters were harmed fighting the fire and not one home in their small town had been lost to the fire. The fire ended up burning 229,651 acres - 359 square miles, 1694 homes were lost and three people died. This massive fire started from a flat tire along the road - tossing sparks into the dry grass along the road.

The Carr Fire has become part of our family's "Faith and Prayer History". We have a basket of rocks in my living-room where we record how God works in our family and answers our prayers - we added a rock with how God saved our family - and their homes from the Carr Fire. I want my grandsons to be people who are able to trust God when they pray - especially when they pray about something big - and scary, so modeling this to them is one of the important things I need to do as I hand down the faith to them. We do not know what a day holds, but we do know Who holds our day - we are absolutely able to trust Him - and model this for our grandchildren.

Today I am so thankful for how God answered our prayers and for the opportunity we have had to talk with my grandsons about this new part of our "Faith History" and "Prayer History"!

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