Monday, August 20, 2018

Back-to-School Prayer - Pray Our Grandchildren Will Love God & Others With Their All

We certainly want our grandchildren to make the choice to love God and others with their all as we know this choice will not only help them avoid many of the pitfalls in life, but will help them stand firm as they follow God. We need to model what it looks like to love God and others with our all and pray for our grandchildren to take Mark 12:30, 31 to heart; especially as they return to school.
Dear Jesus, please help my grandchildren on this day make the choice to love you with their all. As they face the choice to follow You, or go along with the crowd, I pray it will be their solid love for You which guides their decisions. When they see another child at school who needs to know You love them, please help my grandchildren be the ones who show Your love to them. Thank You for Your great love for them, Amen.
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