Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Best. Job. Ever.

Handing down the faith is clearly a job which has been given by God to grandparents, but it is also our great joy! With Grandparents' Day just a week and a half away, think about the great joy we are able to experience as we commit to be grandparents who hand down the faith on purpose . . .
  • Handing down the faith is a great way to sharpen our memory . . . God tells us to, "be careful not to forget", so we need to focus upon remembering!
  • Remembering the things we have been able to see God do for us throughout our lives has to encourage us - and give hope to our children and grandchildren as well!
  • Telling our children and grandchildren all we have been able to see God do for us, means we are able to spend time with them - definitely a way to experience joy for sure!
  • As we tell the future generations how God has been faithful to us, we are able to have hope as well, because remembering God's faithfulness, learning to watch for God's faithfulness and telling about God's faithfulness is what we want our children and grandchildren to do with the generations who come behind them. As they see and hear our "Faith History", it becomes part of their own as well and they learn to remember and tell, too!
These are just a few of the ways we are able to experience great joy as we are very careful to remember the things we have been able to see God do for us and tell our children and grandchildren - best job ever for sure!

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