Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Celebrate & Remember

God is not boring. He is a God of celebrations and festivals. He wants His people to gather, celebrate and remember important things - such as how much He loves them and the ways He shows His love for them. Just take a look through the Old Testament and you will see where God told His people to celebrate and remember. He knows people are forgetful, so He chose to help us remember by asking us to celebrate.

I am all for celebrating with my grandsons. I want them to remember what God does for them, learn to see and celebrate God's great love for them and build my relationship with them; since God instituted celebrations to help His people do these things, I'm doing the same with my grandsons.

We celebrate birthdays and holidays, of course, but we also celebrate milestones in my grandsons' lives. For example, my oldest grandson will be ten in a month and as he enters Fifth Grade in school, he also enters Student Ministries/Middle School Ministries at our church. This is a big deal. He will no longer need us to sign him in to his classes and pick him up. He will be able to participate in opportunities for older kids, since he is older. As he enters the difficult middle school years at school and in his life, he will be part of a Youth Group. This is well worth celebrating.

So, his poppa and I got him a new Bible - what pre-teen wants to take a Children's Bible to Youth Group Meetings? I took time to underline just a few of my favorite verses - I want this to be his Bible, one in which he is able to underline verses which stand out to him, one where he jots notes, not one where his grandma did all these things.

Tonight we are taking him out to supper at his choice of restaurant. We will remind him of how much we love him, remind him how we pray for him and ask for specific requests as he starts the new school year, encourage him as he enters the Youth Ministry at church and most importantly of how much God loves him. We are celebrating. We want to take time to encourage him to remember, because doing so matters.

As our grandsons grow we will take time to celebrate and remember with each of them - it is an important way to hand down the faith on purpose.

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