Thursday, August 30, 2018

Engage With & Teach Our Teen Grandchildren

My oldest grandson is about to turn ten. He is leaving the Children's Ministry at our church and is entering the Student Ministries/Middle School Ministry. This is a big deal as a positive experience with the Student Ministries will help provide additional people who are able to speak into his life and encourage him in his walk with God. His poppa and I are very happy about this!

A couple years ago Wayne Rice - author, pastor, Director of Conferencing for the Legacy Coalition and the co-founder of Youth Specialties - wrote an article about when our grandchildren become teens. While my grandson is still a few years away from being a teen, he is definitely growing up and as I re-read Wayne's article, I knew I needed to share it with you.

Wayne said; "But God loves teenagers. He loves young people. I think it’s significant the only details we are given about the life of Jesus besides His birth and three years of public ministry is His adolescence. The elders in the temple (Luke 2) were amazed by Him at 12 years old. All through scripture we read of young people who did amazing things for God. Adolescence is an important time of transition, when children become adults. And what God wants is for teenagers to transition themselves toward becoming mature adult followers of Jesus Christ. . . . by the time they are 16 or 17 years old, most teens have all the competencies they need to do amazing things for Christ and for others. What they lack is opportunity, experience and some encouragement from adults.  This is where we come in as grandparents. Rather than ignoring our teen grandchildren or waiting for them to grow out of it, we can be engaging with them more, teaching them what we know, having meaningful conversations with them, listening to their ideas and helping them make a safe transition from childhood to adulthood."

Don't you just love this! I do - you will find the whole article at this link, please make time to read it today.

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