Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What Do I Need to Know When Grandparents Assume Responsibility for Their Grandchildren?

Linda Ransom Jacobs is one of our "Grandmas with Heart". You may know her from DC4K - Divorce Care 4 Kids. This morning she sent me this post filled with helpful information for grandparents who may be raising grandchildren - 

Question of the week: What do I need to know when grandparents assume responsibility for their grandchildren?

If you are a grandparent raising grandchildren, or know some who are, please check this link - you will find information on . . .
  • Emotional issues grandparents may encounter
  • Legal issues to address
  • Financial issues of which to be aware 
  • Important medical issues
  • Adjustments in the home
This article will definitely help grandparents who are raising grandchildren - please take time to read it and share it!

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  1. Lynda, I don't see the link to the article any where. Am I just missing where to click? Thanks for posting this.


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