Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Prayer for Words & Thoughts Which Please God

As you go through this day, make Psalms 19:14 your prayer for yourself, your children and grandchildren.

Dear Holy God, please help the words I use and the things I think on this day be only those which please You. Please help my children and grandchildren to stop and consider the words they use as well and to only allow themselves to think about those things which please You. Thank You for being our Lord, our Mighty Rock and Protector. We love You, Amen.

If we set the example for our children and grandchildren of being someone who uses words and thinks about those things which please God it will make a powerful and lasting impact on them. Now, keep in mind, thinking about things which please God includes not allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed when we face difficult and frightening situations. God is our Mighty Rock and Protector, so we need to live as people who trust Him. And if we are thinking about trusting Him, the words we say should reflect trust in Him, not fear in our situations.

If our grandchildren know this is something we pray about for ourselves and for them, it will make a difference, so consider making this your prayer and let them know it is one of your prayers.

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