Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Believe & Act Upon the Truth

The other day I saw this powerful quote from D.L. Moody and knew I had to share it with you. Children are able to understand and respond to the truth of God's Word. They are able to understand and respond to the truth of Jesus' great love for them and they are able to choose to love Him back.

The time you spend sharing the truth of God's Word with your grandchildren from their youngest ages is not times wasted. Quite the contrary. It is time extremely well spent.

So, take every opportunity God gives you to share His love with your grandchildren - especially your youngest grandchildren. As they grow up hearing the truth, it becomes a rock for them to hold to, a firm foundation which will be built upon throughout their lives. 

Believe the truth - Jesus knew what He was talking about when He said to let children come to Him. He was not wasting His time when He talked with children. They are able to understand and believe and the time we spend handing faith to our grandchildren is not wasted - it is time extremely well spent. One more truth to believe - what we do does matter.

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