Wednesday, September 19, 2018

God Will Set You A-Praying

Don't you just love this saying from Matthew Henry! If you are a prayer warrior who has been praying for years, you have likely experienced this in your own life and have examples of how God has answered your prayers as part of your "Prayer History" which you are able to share with your grandchildren. If prayer is something you struggle with, then try the following to become a prayer warrior and build your own "Prayer History" . . . 
  • Get a journal and begin keeping a record of the things you are praying about and the ways God answers.
  • Join a prayer group at your church. Being able to listen to people who are prayer warriors as they pray is a wonderful way to help you learn to be a prayer warrior, too.
  • Pray Scripture - it is one of the best ways to pray according to God's will - you ARE praying God's Word after all - and it is a great way to help you learn to pray for your children, grandchildren, other family and friends.
To help you learn to pray Scripture, or if you are someone who knows how to do this, try this passage . . . 

Read - Psalm 3

Pay attention to - 

  • What does this passage tell me about prayer?
  • What does it tell me about trusting God?
  • What do I especially like about this passage?
  • What do I not like or do not understand?
  • How does this passage help me know God better?
  • What will I do to live this passage today?
Prayer -
Dear God, There are times when I feel like my foes are increasing and times when other attack me. I thank You for being my Help! Please help me know, especially in those times, You, LORD, are a shield around me. You are the One Who lifts up my head. I praise You LORD, I am able to cry aloud to You and know You answer me from Your holy mountain. I thank You I may lie down and sleep, then wake again, because I know You sustain me. Thank You for the confidence You give which allows me to not be afraid of others who stand against me. I know salvation belongs to You.
Please help my grandchildren/children know when they feel like others are against them, or even attacking them, they may be sure You are with them and are there to help them. Please help them experience how You are their shield when others are against them and how You life their head, so they do not have to feel afraid or ashamed. As they call out to You for help, please fill their hearts with praise, because they know and experience how You answer them. Please help them be able to sleep in peace and wake to a new day, fresh and ready to go, because they are sustained by You. Please give them the confidence to know they are able to stand firm, because this confidence comes from You and knowing You will save them. Thank You for Your great love for us; I love You, too! Amen. 

Try praying this passage for yourself and the people you love, keep a journal and record how God answers, because He will. Continue to grow in your prayer life or become a person who, "God sets a-praying!"

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