Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hand Down the Faith - Engage & Have Fun with Mystery Bags

A couple days ago I wrote about engaging our grandchildren when we hand down the faith - particularly if God created them to be children who learn by doing, touching, talking - being involved in the process. I mentioned "Mystery Bags" and today I want to give you an example of how you might use a "Mystery Bag" with your grandchildren.

Say, for example, you wanted to talk with your grandchildren about how they are able to trust God and when they do, amazing things will happen. You could share how God has answered your prayers when you trusted Him or share a Bible account and how He worked in the life of a real Bible person and then give them a paper lunch bag with a piece of paper and scissors inside. 

Before they open their "Mystery Bag" to see what is inside, hold up a piece of paper and ask them if they believe you will be able to cut a hole in it which is big enough for you to walk through. They are likely to laugh and say, "No!"

Smile and make a few cuts in your paper following the example in this link, and they will see how they are actually walk through the hole! Help them make the correct cuts in their own paper, as you talk about trusting God and how He answers our prayers.

Share how just as it does not seem likely we are able to cut a hole in a piece of paper which is big enough for us to fit our whole bodies through, it did not seem likely you would be able to face whatever happened in your life - or share a Bible account, such as David and Goliath. But, with the right cuts we are able to fit through a sheet of paper and more importantly, when we know, walk with and trust God, He will do amazing things in our lives, too!

You will be engaging your grandchildren, keeping their attention - possibly even leaving them "amazed" . . . and it is always a good thing for a grandma to "amaze" a grandchild from time-to-time! - and most importantly, you will help them learn to trust God for themselves.

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