Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hold Tightly, Trust & Tell

For those of you who live on the Carolina Coast, or who have friends and/or family on the Coast, please know you are solidly in our prayers. Jesus knows how to calm the storm - whether they be weather storms or storms in our hearts and minds. 

Plus, He has promised to never leave us, so if you have evacuated and face the storm of not knowing how your friends, family and home are faring, you are in our prayers and we know Jesus will hold you tightly. If you have not evacuated and face the actual storm along with the storm of stress and fear, please know you, too, are in our prayers and we know Jesus will hold you tightly as well.

If you have children and/or grandchildren who are facing Hurricane Flo, take time to remind them in Whose hands you rest. While frightening with potentially long-lasting impact, if you are able to model finding and holding tightly to Jesus in this difficult situation, you will be giving the children you love a truly valuable "page" to your, and their "Faith History".

Consider documenting your experience and especially how Jesus holds you close - what a treasure for your family now and future generations as well! The Bible shows us how when future generations do not know or remember God, they fall away; document, share, tell how you have found Jesus and how He has held you close throughout your life, so your family, and the generations to come, do know and remember! And this applies to all of us, whether we live on the Coast are are facing Flo, or not.

Hold tightly to the truth, God is bigger than Hurricane Flo and He loves you!

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