Friday, September 14, 2018

It IS Our Job to Pray

Oh, yes, as a grandma (grandpa/parent) it IS our job - and great joy - to hand down the faith; one of the main parts of this job is for us to be people who are serious about praying. Now, if you are a faithful prayer warrior you already know this, but if you struggle with prayer you may feel like this is too difficult to do and you wonder if it actually makes a real difference. I understand these feelings, because I have felt this way.

For most of my life I struggled with prayer - I didn't understand it and felt like my prayers never made it past the ceiling. But, when it comes to this part of our job, this essential and important part of our job, we have to first of all be absolutely committed to believing the truth - not how we may "feel" about something. 

The truth is what matters and the truth is God hears our prayers - whether we feel like He does or not. The truth is God listens to our prayers - whether we feel like He does or not. The truth is God answers our prayers - and this is where we do have to believe, because the Bible does teach God answers our prayers as we believe He will answer. We just have to make the choice to be faithful in praying and believing - no matter what our feelings try to tell us. 

Now, keep in mind praying is not difficult, not really. It is us talking with God. We may do this the same way we talk with others - it does not have to be complicated, we do not have to use words from previous centuries (Thees and Thous) and we do not have to repeat God's name every few words to be sure He remembers we are talking with Him; He will not forget. Just talk to Him the same as you talk to anyone. God wants you to talk with Him. He has promised to listen! He is just waiting for you to talk to Him! 

So, be a grandma who prays. Believe the truth - God hears, listens to and answers our prayers. Do not allow your feelings to keep you from one of the most important parts of your most important job of handing down the faith.

Pray for your children and grandchildren. Pray they will know, love and follow God - these are all things God wants them to do, so you may be certain you are praying according to God's will. As God puts things on your heart to pray about for those you love (and he will) talk with Him about those things.  Ask your children and grandchildren for special requests - things they would like you to pray about for them and keep a record of how God answers. Celebrate these answers with them - what a great way to hand down the faith!

Prayer is one of the most important parts of your God-given job to hand down the faith, so believe the truth and be a grandma (grandpa/parent) who prays. Tomorrow we will look at more of our very important job of handing down the faith.

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