Friday, September 21, 2018

Josh McDowell's 7 Principles - #2 Acceptance

Acceptance is key to us building a strong relationship with our grandchildren - and very importantly, we need to let them know they are accepted unconditionally by God and by us - all the time, no matter what! I love how Josh said he is sure his children and grandchildren know they are, "created in the image of God and have infinite value, dignity and worth"! Be sure your grandchildren know this as well. 

#2 - Acceptance - be sure our grandchildren know we love them unconditionally - this will help them feel secure. We need to love them like Jesus does - no matter what, they are created in the image of God and have infinite value, dignity, worth

When our grandchildren know we believe these things about them, they will rise to the level of our opinion of them. Acknowledge their effort more than their success, so they know you love them no matter what. (Please share this series with the grandmas - and grandpas/parents - you know!)

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