Saturday, September 22, 2018

Josh McDowell's 7 Principles - #3 - Appreciation

Josh McDowell's Seven Principles for Building Relationships with Our Grandchildren Principle #3 - Appreciation - is something we knew as parents . . . and still applies today when we are grandparents. Catch your grandchildren doing something good and let them know you noticed, then appreciate them! Pay attention. Listen. Be grandparents who notice and appreciate!
Appreciation is when we let them know they are significant. Significance is feeling and thinking, "I've done something worthwhile". Josh challenged us to catch our grandchildren doing something right and then be sure we appreciate them.

There are many ways to show appreciation - snail mail a note, take them out for coffee or a simple treat, invite them to your home and fix a special, favorite meal, or go on a walk in a woods; it doesn't really matter what you do, your grandchildren will just remember you did something to show your appreciation and it will matter.

And, keep in mind, it truly matters for your grandchildren to know, of all the people in the world who may show appreciation to them, their grandparents (and parents) are the people who appreciate them the most. Appreciation is a powerful tool for building a strong, lasting relationship with our grandchildren - use it often.
(Please share this series with the grandmas - and grandpas/parents - you know!)

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