Sunday, September 23, 2018

Josh McDowell's 7 Principles - #4 - Availability

Josh McDowell's Principle #4 for Building Relationships with our Grandchildren is Availability. Be available. The time you spend being available is an investment - it will give you the opportunity to get to know your grandchildren - and for them to get to know you; which gives you a place from which you will be able to speak truth into their lives - and model it for them to see. 

Availability - this tells your grandchildren they are important (and we absolutely know they are!!) In Matthew 19 we see where Jesus was available for the children; this is a great example for us. Josh shared how his children/grandchildren know they may interrupt him any time, because they are more important to him than anyone. Yes, they need to be polite and respectful, but he said adults understand if he stops talking to them for a minutes and says; "Excuse me a moment, my child/grandchild needs my attention, give me a minute." 

Josh shared how he was talking with President George Bush one time when his child needed him, so he said, "Excuse me sir, my child needs me." He shared how the president later sent him a note and thanked him for what he said. The President said he got in his car, locked his security out and called his two daughters!

I'm challenged and encouraged by this. I want my grandsons to know they are three of the most important people to me. I will say this to them, and back up my words by my actions.
(Please share this series with the grandmas - and grandpas/parents - you know!)

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