Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Josh McDowell's 7 Principles - #6 Approach Their World

If we are serious about building a strong and healthy relationship with our grandchildren - especially as they grow older, then follow Josh McDowell's advice we find in number six of his seven principles -  Approach Their World - get "techy" - our grandchildren are. 

My grandchildren are more "techy" than I am and they are just five, seven and ten. Get a smart phone, so you are able to text them. Get on-line and email - this lets you stay in touch whether you live across the street or around the world. Show interest in what they care about and be able to connect with them in the ways they connect. This matters. 

Approach their world - this gives our grandchildren a sense of connection. 1 Corinthians 13:5 - "love does not demand its own way" - do what they want, step into their world; this shows real love and how we care about what they care about. Be a hero to our grandchild! Do things they like and be sure to connect what they like to God.
(Please share this series with the grandmas - and grandpas/parents - you know!)

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