Friday, October 26, 2018

Be Alert! Watch for What God Does

If you are like me you have many things which fill your days - time spent growing in our walk with God, time with family, things to keep us busy at home, possibly a job, volunteering at church and the list goes on. And, since the Holiday Season is nearly upon us and there are less than two months until Christmas, we are likely to become even more busy. While we may be busy, it is essential for us to make time for those things which matter the most - such as praying, growing in our own walk with God and in handing down the faith.

But, because life is often busy, it is easy for us to become distracted by the things we do, which then makes it easy for us to not notice what God is doing; but this does not mean He is not working or He is not answering our prayers! Be alert! Watch! Keep a record of how God works in your life and be sure to share it with your grandchildren, so they are able to see what He is doing, too!

And, as you think about Christmas gifts, consider making a Family Faith & Prayer Journal to give your grandchildren. Write in it some of the examples of how God worked in the lives of their ancestors and answered their prayers - leave room for your grandchildren to add their own history of how God works in their lives and answers their prayers. A great gift to help them learn to be alert and to watch for how God works in their lives, too . . . because He does!

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