Monday, October 22, 2018

Be Involved - It Matters

For far too many years, we were "sold" the idea of how our retirement years should be spent on us. We believed our retirement is time for us to travel, play golf and relax. But this is not the truth. None of these things are the things which truly matter. Handing down the faith is what truly matters and we do this by spending the time we have with our grandchildren.

If you live near your grandchildren, clearly this is easier for you to do; but even if you live far from your grandchildren, you are still able to connect with them on a regular basis and be involved in their lives. Consider some of the following ideas - whether you live near or far . . . 
  • Snail mail notes to your grandchildren - use the free notes we made for you . . . you will find them at this link.
  •  Facetime to visit and for specific reasons; such as to read the Bible and pray together or to talk about surprise packages you send with "Mystery Bags" - try the idea in this post.
  • When you are able to connect in person, do so! And, while you want to have fun in these times, be sure to also plan to hand down the faith - give a blessing, talk about how God is answering your prayers, ask how God is answering their prayers, etc.
These are just a few ideas of ways you are able to be in the lives of your grandchildren today. I am very blessed, because my three grandsons live 20 minutes from me. Their poppa and I take them to church on Wednesdays and they always have a sleepover on Friday or Saturday night each week. We have fun when they are at our home, but we also try to be purposeful in handing down the faith. We learn blessings together, read the Bible, pray and do science projects . . . which we connect with a Bible truth - now my seven year old grandson loves to be the one who thinks of a way the science project reminds us about God!

Whether you live near or far, be involved in your grandchildren's lives today. This "involvement" is how they will build the memories of you and of the things you said and did to hand down the faith. Be involved - it matters.

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