Thursday, October 11, 2018

God ALWAYS Does What He Says He Will Do

I LOVE this quote! There are things I pray every day for my family and friends and I depend upon God to do as He has promised. I hold tightly to the truth, "It is God's nature to keep His promises."

This photo is from Whiskeytown National Recreation Area - it is an area which was burned in the Carr Fire this past summer. If you look closely, you will see in the background the grey, ash-covered ground and the black trunks of the burnt trees, but in the foreground you are able to see how life is returning! Green grass and plants are growing and bushes are getting new leaves! 

We may feel like we are in a "grey-black burnt time" in our life, but take heart! God does what He says He will do! He will answer. We will see the answers in His time. 

I know God does what He says He will do and this is what I am teaching my grandsons. I am so blessed as the church where I am a member has a prayer garden. My grandsons love the prayer garden and always ask to go spend a few minutes praying in there. Last night before their mid-week program began, my seven year old grandson especially wanted to go to the prayer garden. He spent nearly 20 minutes quietly walking around praying, reading the Bible verses on the plaques throughout and praying them back to God. Nearly 20 minutes!

Today my heart is filled with joy! One of the things I pray daily for my grandsons is for God to protect their hearts and minds - last night I was able to get a glimpse into how God is answering this prayer; by creating the desire and giving my grandsons the heart to be people who pray!

God ALWAYS does what He says He will do!

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