Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hand Down the Faith with "Mystery Bags" - Trust God with the Impossible

As our grandchildren grow older, they will experience and learn something we also experienced and learned as we grew older . . . there are times in our lives which are difficult, challenging, sad and even frightening. Oh, yes, there will be times of joy as well; these are the times when it is easy to trust God. But, there will be difficult times and the grandchildren we love - and our sons, daughters and in-laws we love as well - will experience those times throughout their lives.

It is essential we teach and model for them what it means to trust God at all times, but especially in those times when, "we are powerless to do a thing". Today's "Mystery Bag" will give you the opportunity to talk with your grandchildren about trusting God - and share with them about a difficult time in your life when you trusted God as well.

You will need paper lunch bags, zippy bags, four  sharpened pencils or skewers and water. Give each grandchild a paper bag with a zippy bag and pencils in it and have a large bowl and pitcher of water ready. (Mail "Mystery Bags" to your grandchildren who live far and do this project with them over the phone or facetime them.)

Talk with your grandchildren about times when it is easy to trust God and then ask them about a time when it may be difficult to trust. Read Proverbs 3:5, 6 and talk about what it means when it says to trust God with all your heart. Share about a difficult time when you trusted God.

Take your zippy bag and fill it with water about an inch from the top and seal the zip seal. Have your grandchildren do the same. Hold up your water-filled zippy bag and a pencil. Ask your grandchildren if they think you are able to poke your pencil into the zippy bag without the water pouring out. They will probably say no (unless they have seen this project before). Poke your pencil through with part extending out each side - do NOT poke it all the way through, wiggle it making the hole bigger or pull the pencil back out. 

With the pencil plugging the hole it made, the water will stay inside the zippy bag! Push a few more pencils through, following the same procedure and let your grandchildren do the same with their zippy bags and pencils. It is fine for them to hold their bags over the bowl - just in case they make their holes too big. 

Set the zippy bags into the bowl and set aside. Then talk with your grandchildren about how just like it seemed impossible for them to be able to poke pencils in a zippy bag filled with water and have the water stay in the zippy bag, they are able to trust God - even when it seems like the situation is impossible.

Teach your grandchildren the following Scripture blessing/prayer from Proverbs 3:5, 6 . . . 
Trust in God with all my heart and do not depend on my own understanding. In everything I think, say and do, think about God and He will make my path straight!
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