Friday, October 19, 2018

Help Grandparents Who Parent Their Grandchildren

Last week I shared a link to an article by one of our Grandmas with Heart - Linda Ransom-Jacobs where she wrote about how grandparents are able to help their grandchildren when their parents get a divorce. (You will find it at this link.) 

Today I'm delighted to share a link to another article by Linda where she writes about three reasons grandparents who parent their grandchildren are emotionally exhausted and how the church is able to help.
Whether you are a grandparent who is parenting your grandchildren - full time or part time - or not, read this article. In this day and age more and more grandparents are becoming custodial grandparents - or are at least helping their grown children by caring for their grandchildren more often - if we do not fall into this category, we are likely to have a family member or friend who does - or will. 

And, please share it with the leaders in your church. All grandparents, but especially those who parent their grandchildren - or who are the ones who bring their grandchildren to church - need the encouragement, support and help of their church. In Linda's article you will find ten ways to help these grandparents.

God has made it crystal-clear he wants each generation to tell the next about Him. It is His plan for grandparents to hand down the faith. Some grandparents find themselves doing this full-time and we need to be there for them.

You will find Linda's excellent article at this link.

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