Friday, October 12, 2018

Model Being a Peacemaker Who Loves & Prays for Others

I love this excerpt of a prayer from Clement of Rome. You may be wondering, "Who was Clement of Rome?" Great question. I wondered the same thing a few years ago when my church asked me to write a short story about Clement of Rome for a series on heroes of the faith for the children in our church. Please allow me to share with you what I learned and a few things for us to think about when it comes to handing down the faith to our grandchildren.

Clement was a leader in the early church and lived in Rome. He was a friend of Peter, yes, Jesus' disciple Peter, and he taught Clement all about Jesus. When Peter died, Clement continued his work by leading the early church.

At this time, the Roman people believed in many gods; Cesar could even declare he and his family members were gods. If you didn’t agree they were gods, they could accuse you of being an atheist and have you arrested. This is what happened to Clement. He was arrested and sent to work in a mine.

So, why am I sharing this history about Clement of Rome with you today? Because Clement was known as a peacemaker. When early believers had a disagreement, he chose to help them remember what was really important, so they were able to be united in sharing God’s love with others. Certainly we want to not only teach our grandchildren to be peacemakers, but to be people who model this in the things we do and say as well.

And because Clement was known as a man who loved God and showed this love to others; even to people who were unkind to him. Clement called on Christians to pray for their leaders, not only in the church, but in their country as well and this is something we, as grandparents who love God, also need to model to our grandchildren. With the mid-term elections nearly upon us, we need to use this opportunity to help our grandchildren learn to love and share God's love for others.

Consider making Clement's prayer your own . . .
Yes, O Lord, make Your face to shine upon us for good in peace, that we may be shielded by Your mighty hand . . . through the High Priest and Guardian of our souls, Jesus Christ, through whom be glory and majesty to You both now and from generation to generation, for evermore.
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