Saturday, October 13, 2018

Redeem Your Days

As I write this post and look out my window I see the trees awash with color! Bright yellows, reds and oranges as Fall takes hold here in West Michigan. It will not be long before my yard looks like the yard in this photo - covered in leaves, as we have seven large maple trees in our yard - one is the most enormous maple tree I've ever seen, a very big sycamore tree, several birch trees and numerous pine trees - yes, we have trees and most leave millions of leaves in our yard . . . keeping my husband busy clearing the leaves before the snow falls each year!

At any rate, Fall is a wonderful time to see the changing beauty of God's creation and remind ourselves we have fewer days before us than we do behind us. We need to redeem the days we have remaining and take every opportunity we are given to hand down a rich heritage of faith to the grandchildren with whom God has blessed us.

The days do pass so quickly - redeem your days!

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