Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Share the Truth About Who God Is with Your Grandchildren

One of the very important things we need to do as grandmas who are purposeful about handing down the faith, is to help give our grandchildren a true view of Who God truly is. The world around them will not do this; and sadly, even our churches may do not do an effective job when it comes to helping our grandchildren see the truth about God, if they leave them thinking God is boring, because their classes tend to be boring. 

But we are able to do this. We are able to help our grandchildren see the truth about God, and we are able to do this in our every day conversations. Consider the following opportunities we could use to help our grandchildren see the truth about God . . . 
  • A sunset/sunrise shows us God's creativity - He didn't have to create the world in such a way where we have beautiful sunsets/sunrises, but He did!
  • Fall - with all the colorful leaves; again, they show God's great creativity.
  • Aurora Borealis - another wonder of creation which shows God's creativity.
  • A visit to the zoo, or reading a fun book about animals God created provide a wonderful opportunity to talk about how God has a sense of humor and is not boring - just look at the amazing animals God created - the okapi, platypus, kangaroo, tiger, elephant and more!
  • Look at photos of your grandchildren - what better example is there of God's creativity and how He is NOT boring!
God does "color outside the lines"; He shows His great creativity and how He is NOT boring all around us. Be sure your grandchildren's eyes are open to the proof of Who God Is, so they will know the truth and see it each day throughout their lives.

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