Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Prayer of Thanks to God - Psalm 100

Yesterday I wrote about helping our grandchildren learn to be thankful and grateful, so today I thought I'd share a prayer for a thankful heart for you and one you are able to teach them as well.

Psalm 100 tells us all about being thankful and gives us specific things we are able to be thankful about - God made us, we are His, He is good, His love lasts forever and His faithfulness is for all the generations! Absolutely things for which we, our children and grandchildren are able to be thankful! Consider making this your prayer . . . 
Dear God I want to worship and praise You, because You are God. Thank You for making me, my children and grandchildren and for wanting us to be Your people. Thank You for Your amazing goodness, love and faithfulness which You show not only to me, but to all the generations who come behind me. Please help the ones I love have eyes which see the truth about You and soft hearts which are quick to believe and be thankful to You as well. Thank You; Amen.
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