Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Prayer to be Thankful for & See God's Goodness & Never-Ending Love

Have you ever noticed when you are thankful, in particular for God's goodness and never-ending love, you are more likely to be walking closely with Him? While we are not able to make our grandchildren walk with God, if we model and teach them to see and be thankful for God's goodness and never-ending love, they are far more likely to make the wise choice to walk with God.

We are not able to make them do this, but we absolutely are able to pray and ask God to help them have open eyes to see His goodness and love for them. Consider adding Psalm 136:1 to your prayers for your grandchildren (and grown children as well).
Dear God, thank You so much for Your incredible goodness and for how You show Your goodness to me. Thank You for Your love which never ends. Please help me model what it means to be a person who is thankful for Your goodness and love. As my grown children and grandchildren go through this day, please give them open eyes, so they are able to see the many ways You shower them with Your goodness. Please help them experience Your never-ending love today and draw them close to You. Thank You, Amen.
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