Friday, November 9, 2018

Enjoy God's Gift of Your Unique Grandchildren

I came across this quote a few months back and thought when it snowed, I'd share it with you all. So, since it is snowing out my window this morning, I'm happy to share it with you. 

Each of our grandchildren are wonderful, precious gifts from the hand of God! Not only did He gift us with each grandchild, but He made each of them unique and special in their own way. Our grandchildren may all look alike, or you may have one with brown hair, one with red hair and one who has blond hair (as do I). 

But, whether they look alike or not, you know they are each unique individuals. I have one grandson who, while he understands and is able to do well with math, he does not enjoy math. I have another who loves math. All three of my grandsons LOVE rocks and fossils and all three of them are very logical boys with quite the vocabulary and sense of humor. It is so fun to watch them grow, develop their own interests and see the unique individuals God created them to be.

So, today, take time to enjoy your grandchildren. Look at their photos, think about the ways they are the same and the ways they are unique, then thank God for His incredible gift of your grandchildren!

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