Friday, November 9, 2018

Footprints in the Snow

I woke up this morning to discover snow on the ground. As I sit here in my cozy living room sipping coffee, outside my windows the snow continues to fall - there is probably about two inches on the bushes, grass and tree limbs so far. This, of course, means it is time to remember how the words I say, the things I do, the example I set all leave "footprints" in the lives of my precious grandsons. I most sincerely want to be faithful, so my "footprints", "lead them to believe."

Snow gives us such a wonderful reminder when it comes to footprints. My yard has basset hound footprints in it. If I were to look, I would likely find bunny footprints, bird footprints and perhaps footprints from deer, turkey and other types of wildlife. This evening my grandsons will be here for their sleepover; if the snow is still here then, they will add their footprints to my yard. Snow shows us who has been here by the footprints which are left behind. You are not able to walk in snow without leaving footprints.

We also are not able to avoid leaving "footprints" in the lives of our grandchildren. What we say, do, the example we set and even what we do not say and do leave "footprints". Let's be faithful to pray each day for us to be grandmas (and grandpas and parents ) who leave "footprints" which lead the ones we love to believe!

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