Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hand Down the Faith with "Mystery Bags" - Candy Cane Hunt

One of the fun things we grandmas are able to do is to start new family traditions! Today for our "Mystery Bag" idea, I have the info you need to begin a new family tradition which is fun for any age of grandchild, whether they live near or far.

For this "Mystery Bag", you will need the following items . . .
  • Paper lunch bags - one per grandchild plus one extra for each grandchild.
  • Copies of the card on this post - you will find it at this link. Print two for each grandchild.
  • Candy Canes - ten for each grandchild. This is a fun - and tasty - new family tradition!
Fill each lunch bag with one folded up paper lunch bag and two cards. For this project you need to collaborate with your grandchildren's parents. Find a time when they are going somewhere with your grandchildren - and when they will return home. Give yourself about a half hour and get to their home before they do. Hang candy canes around their yard - on bushes, trees, set on yard chairs, swings, etc. Greet your grandchildren when they arrive and give them their "Mystery Bag", then watch as they go around the yard finding their candy canes (if you have more than one grandchild, it is okay to tell them how many they are each able to find, so all of them are able to find the same number of candy canes.) Take photos of the fun!

If your grandchildren live far, call the parents and explain what you would like to do and enlist their help hiding the candy canes. Then mail everything to them. When the parents are ready for the Candy Cane Hunt, call or facetime your grandchildren and explain what they are going to do for their "Mystery Bag" - if possible have a parent keep you on the phone, so you are able to watch your grandchildren as they hunt for the candy canes. Then have the conversation below with them. (This "Mystery Bag" project is even fun for college age grandchildren who are away at college. If possible, collaborate with a room mate to pull this off.) 

After all the candy canes have been found, sit down and talk about why we celebrate Christmas, have them turn a candy cane upside down to see for themselves how it makes a "J" and talk about how Jesus is the reason for the season.

Then, talk about how, because He gave Himself, we are able to give to others. Ask them to take five of their candy canes, the folded up bag and extra card and put them together to make a "Mystery Bag Candy Cane Hunt" for a neighbor. They may go hide the candy canes around a neighbor child's yard and then present their friend with the bag, so they are able to go on a Candy Cane Hunt as well!

This "Mystery Bag" is a fun way to talk with your grandchildren about why we celebrate Christmas, begin a new family tradition and give them an opportunity to give to someone else! Enjoy!

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