Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Today's Mystery Bag is something special which you could do tomorrow, on Thanksgiving with your family - and you still have time to pull this together if you decide to do it.

For about eight years now, each Thanksgiving I put a special tablecloth on our table. When everyone has finished eating, I hand out permanent ink markers and everyone writes, or draws something for which they are thankful from the past year. When the grandsons were little, their contribution was mostly scribbles, but we asked them to tell about their "drawing" and wrote a few words, along with the year, so we would be able to know in future years the things their "scribbles" represented. 

This tablecloth grows more special as the years go by; it is a recording of the things for which my family are thankful. If you would like to start this tradition with your family, you will need the following items . . . 
  • One paper grocery bag.
  • One white cloth tablecloth.
  • Colored permanent ink markers.
  • Wax paper.
Present the bag to your family after your dinner. Explain what you will be doing, place the tablecloth on your table - very, very important - put wax paper under the area where each person will be writing/drawing or the ink may soak through to your table top. Hand out the markers and let each person write/draw something for which they are thankful (for grandchildren who live far, connect with them using facetime and ask them for the things they would put on the tablecloth if you were together - their parents, too - and then have someone add their "thanks" to your tablecloth). After everyone has finished, let each person share what they wrote/drew. Take time to give thanks!

Use this tablecloth each Thanksgiving - it will become a wonderful family tradition to add to the Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth.

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